Mogadishu: Images from the Past


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Text on back of photo reads:

ES 1038 – 025

Location in Mogadishu, as shown by Google Maps

“Mogadiscio – Veduta aerea”

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Aerial 3
Somali Airlines postcard. Undated

The cathedral can be seen in the centre of the photo above, and its ruins in the centre of the photo below

Croce del Sud Hotel is visible to the left of the cathedral, and on the other side of the street. Parliament building on top right

Video records of Mogadishu on YouTube…1

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In the 1960s

Aadan Cade Madaxweynihii ugu horeeyay 1963

In 1984

Taariikhdii Somalia Somali history 1960-91 –

Dhikr… is an Islamic practice that focuses on the remembrance of God. Dhikr as a devotional act often includes the repetition of the names of Allah  (from the Wikipedia entry on dhikr)

Dikr in Mogadishu in the 1980s (1st)

Dikr in Mogadishu in the 1980s (2nd)

Undated dikr, possibly from the 1980s. Long, good sound. Others

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