Mogadishu: Images from the Past

“Notabili Indigeni”

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2013 04 13 ADated 1938, but could have been taken earlier, and used as a postcard in 1938

Who are the people present? Leave a comment below, if you can help

Mogadiscio – Panorama

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scan10028Postcard posted in 1938

Mogadiscio – Festa al Governatorato

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Postcard printed in 1936

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Mogadiscio – Monumento ai Caduti

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Location unknown. Possibly next to the first Parliament building

Another view of the same monument, looking to the right.  Building at the back right was a government insurance company office in the 1980s.

Mogadiscio – Monumento di Caduti e Palazzo INAIL, circa 1960

Mogadiscio – Campo Militare

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Campo Militare 2

Postcard sent 1935

Location within Mogadishu unknown. I thought it might have been “Campo Amhara” which was in Cabdul Casiis district.

But friends have commented below that it was in “Xamar Jab Jab”, near the port area.

Here is another photo of the same location, with the same title.

Campo Militare1
And here is another, possibly in the same location, with the words “Campo ascari…” on the back and dated 15/8/1915

Campo ascari

Three aerial photos taken from a biplane in the 1930s

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 Three aerial photos published as postcards by “Federazione Dei Facci Di Combattimento Della Somalia Italiana. Commissione Di Cultura E Propaganda”

aerial 2

“Somalia Italiana Mogadiscio – Albergo Croce Del Sud”

 Looking seaward over the Croce Del Sud hotel, and over Xamar Weyne in the background


aerial 1
“Somalia Italiana Mogadisgio – Il mercato”

The “mercato” here is the area with the open arcades in the middle distance. The right hand side later became the gold market.

The brown area at the top middle is a squatter area in Xamar Jab Jab (“broken city”), I think.

Biplane aerial

“Somalia Italiana – La Garesa di Mogadiscio”

Looking inland.
Taken from a biplane, whose wing is visible to the right. Visible below is the Garesa (centre) and Fakr al Din mosque (bottom left)

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Mogadishu, 1934

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“Ancoraggio di Mogadiscio”

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The two areas with irregular streets are Xamar Weyne (bottom left) and Shangani (top right). (The areas of the map labelled Amaruini and Scingani have been mis-identified as Xamar Weyne and Shangani). These area of settlement date back to the 9-10th century AD. The straight and wider streets were developed by the Italian colonial administration between 1900 and 1934. The Italian built railway line is visible on the top. It went from the port near Abdul Aziz, out to Afgoye on the Shebelli river.

Xamar Weyne as now (below)

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