Mogadishu: Images from the Past

“Merca – Missionari i poveri”

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Scan_20160424_114108Dated 1911. Published by Missione Francescana di Mogadiscio

Healing ceremony

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Undated postcard. Looks like a healing ceremony, a zar perhaps. Can anyone help with more information? Post your Comments below

“La Cattedrale”

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La Cattedrale

The Cathedral. From a postcard posted in 1950

Destroyed by fire in late 1990/early 1991

Lat and Long: 2°02’08.4″N 45°20’30.0″E
2.035658, 45.341670

“Mogadiscio – interno della moschea Giama”

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Inside Giama MosqueClick on photo to enlarge

“Mogadishu – Interior of the Giama mosque”, circa 1901 (from an Italian magazine). Any comments?

Giama mosque textFrom page 15 of “Mogadishu: Pearl of the Indian Ocean” (pdf copy here)

Mosque Sheikh Sufi

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Mosque Sheikh Sufi

Somalia - Mogadiscio- La Tomba di Scek SuffiMoschea Scek-SufiSheik Sufi mosque

Where is this? Leave your comment

Thanks for the comments below, based on those comments this seems to be the location…(Correct me if I am wrong)

Lat and Long: 2°02’17.7″N 45°20’11.3″E
2.038251, 45.336476


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Scan15_011Click on photo to enlargen

Posted 1937

Looking towards Cabdul Aziz mosque in the far centre distance, with Campo Militare (?) on the right and  the Piazza 21 April monument in the right forground

Somalia – Mogadiscio – La tomba di Scek Suffi

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Location? Somewhere on the hill that Villa Somalia sits on top of.

On the top left looks like a chimney coming from what was previously a power station in the old centre of town.

Help please !

Dhikr / Dikri in Waaberi in 1988/89

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These are two audio tape recordings I made  in 1988, in the neighbourhood behind Tre Biano, in Waaberi

For information on the History of Somali Sufism see this blog:

On that site I read this with interest: “Local leaders of brotherhoods customarily asked lineage heads in the areas where they wished to settle for permission to build their mosques and communities. A piece of land was usually freely given; often it was an area between two clans or one in which nomads had access to a river” In 1991, while travelling in the area, I heard about a tariiqa that was established in the then non-mans land between the Dulbahante in the Las Anod area and the Isaaq further westward on the rod to Burco.

See also video recordings of dhikr on this website

See also this page on the use of coffee (bun) in relation to dhikr:

Here is a photo of a kur, the wooden vessel in which bun is traditionally served


Comments on dhikr and sufism in Somalia are welcome. Please use the Comment facility below

Dhikr / Dikri in Mogadishu

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“Dhikr… is an Islamic practice that focuses on the remembrance of God. Dhikr as a devotional act often includes the repetition of the names of Allah…A group dhikr ceremony in Arabic countries is usually called the hadrah”  (from the Wikipedia entry on dhikr)


Undated dhikr, possibly from the 1980s. Long, good sound.

See others in the same series of 18 videos:17, 16, 15, 14,13, 12, 11, 10, 8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2,

Dhikr in Mogadishu in the 1980s [1980s dikr Somalia 1]

Dhikr in Mogadishu in the 1980s [Somalia 1980s dikri 2]

Video records of Mogadishu on YouTube…1

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In the 1960s

Aadan Cade Madaxweynihii ugu horeeyay 1963

In 1984

Taariikhdii Somalia Somali history 1960-91 –

Dhikr… is an Islamic practice that focuses on the remembrance of God. Dhikr as a devotional act often includes the repetition of the names of Allah  (from the Wikipedia entry on dhikr)

Dikr in Mogadishu in the 1980s (1st)

Dikr in Mogadishu in the 1980s (2nd)

Undated dikr, possibly from the 1980s. Long, good sound. Others

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