Mogadishu: Images from the Past

“Somalia Italiana – Mogadiscio – Via C.M. De Vecchi” and “Somalia – Mogadiscio – LArco al Principe di Piemonte e il viale”

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Via De Vecchi Undated, but likely to be mid-1930s

L'arcoPostcard sent dated 7./11/1936

Mogadiscio – Piazza 21 Aprile

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Entrance to what was known (in the 1980s) as  “the old port”  is on the left

Text inscription is largely unreadable on the original photo


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Posted 1937

Looking towards Cabdul Aziz mosque in the far centre distance, with Campo Militare (?) on the right and  the Piazza 21 April monument in the right forground

Mogadiscio – Monumento ai Caduti

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Past location as shown on Google Maps: Piazza 4 Novembre

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Mogadiscio – Piazza 21 April

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Still intact in the 1980’s and known then to expatriates in Mogadishu as “the binoculars”

The entrance to the old port is visible on the left. The sea is in the distance.

Location on Google Maps

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Mogadiscio – Monumento ai Caduti

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Location unknown. Possibly next to the first Parliament building

Another view of the same monument, looking to the right.  Building at the back right was a government insurance company office in the 1980s.

Mogadiscio – Monumento di Caduti e Palazzo INAIL, circa 1960

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