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Somali music from the 1980s

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I hope to create a list here, including audio files and links to other websites with audio files. Here is one

Dhikr / Dikri in Waaberi in 1988/89

Posted in 1980s, Audio, Religion by rickjdavies on 19 September, 2009

These are two audio tape recordings I made  in 1988, in the neighbourhood behind Tre Biano, in Waaberi

For information on the History of Somali Sufism see this blog:

On that site I read this with interest: “Local leaders of brotherhoods customarily asked lineage heads in the areas where they wished to settle for permission to build their mosques and communities. A piece of land was usually freely given; often it was an area between two clans or one in which nomads had access to a river” In 1991, while travelling in the area, I heard about a tariiqa that was established in the then non-mans land between the Dulbahante in the Las Anod area and the Isaaq further westward on the rod to Burco.

See also video recordings of dhikr on this website

See also this page on the use of coffee (bun) in relation to dhikr:

Here is a photo of a kur, the wooden vessel in which bun is traditionally served


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