Mogadishu: Images from the Past

“Somalia – Mogadiscio – In the customs enclosure”

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DoganaApproximate location. Lat:  2.036332, Long: 45.351251

View of earliest Italian colonial period wharf

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WharfView looking inland towards Governor’s Palace (later the site of the Al Uruba Hotel)

Note official being carried on a simple type of sedan chair, centre of photo, facing the camera

Postcard posted 1926, but photo may have been taken well before then

Approximate location of camera: Lat 2°02’00.4″N Long 45°20’37.3″E


Inscription at the entrance to the Fakhr al-Din mosque

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InscriptionCan anyone translate the inscription?  Click on the photo, twice, to enlarge it to a more readable size. Post your Comments below

Location: Lat: 2°02’00.6″N  Long: 45°20’34.6″E

Healing ceremony

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Undated postcard. Looks like a healing ceremony, a zar perhaps. Can anyone help with more information? Post your Comments below

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