Mogadishu: Images from the Past

Fakhr al-Din mosque, circa 1882

Posted in 1800 - 1900, Mosques, Themes by rickjdavies on 5 January, 2014

FADINFrom “Voyage Chez Les Benadirs, Les Comalis et les Bayouns, par M.G. Revoil en 1882 et 1883”
Published in Le Tour du Monde. Noveau Journal des Voyages. XLIX, 1255 Liv, page 51

More engravings from the same source:





For more information about the marbles, see

Lambourn, E.(1999) ‘The decoration of the Fakhr al-Dīn mosque in Mogadishu and other pieces of Gujarati marble carving on the East African coast‘, Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 34: 1, 61 — 86 To link to this Article: DOI: 10.1080/00672709909511472 URL: The first paragraph, showb below, suggests that the marbles shown above may not longer be in place:

textThe following photos are included in the above paper

plate 1

plate 2

plate 3Is this four layered inscription above the arch the same as marble incriptions  photographed by Revoil and shown above (but in the proper vertical order)?

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