Mogadishu: Images from the Past

Cabdul Aziz mosque, circa 1880

Posted in 1800 - 1900, Mosques by rickjdavies on 5 January, 2014

AAmosqueFrom “Voyage Chez Les Benadirs, Les Comalis et les Bayouns, par M.G. Revoil en 1882 et 1883″
Published in Le Tour du Monde. Noveau Journal des Voyages. XLIX, 1254 Liv, page 46

Revoil and his colleague are in this scene, wearing turbans, located to the left of the camera on the tripod

Location as shown by Google Maps. Given the location of mosque relative to minara, it seems that the above drawing was based on a location to the south east of the minara


 Lat and Long: 2°02’13.3″N 45°21’12.3″E

2.037035, 45.353426

Alas, it is no more, after being damaged by fighting between Al Shabab and OAU forces a few years ago, and then in 2013 demolished by order of the current government, with a promise of being “rebuilt” by Turkey

Here are some photos of inscriptions inside of the adjacent mosque (also damaged during the fighting), taken by Mary Harper before its demolition


Located at the back of the mihrab?

AAmosqueDamaged3bOld inscription or simply recent text written in chalk?

  Location unknown…any ideas?

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