Mogadishu: Images from the Past

“Mogadiscio – Mercato indigeno”

Posted in 1918 - 1940, Markets, Mosques by rickjdavies on 20 April, 2013

Mercato indigeno_001Mogadishu – indigenous market. Post card poisted 20/11/1924

Possibly with Sheik Sufi mosque in the far left

Where do you think this is? Leave your comment below

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  1. Ikar Bana Hadad said, on 31 December, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    This photo shows the largest area between Sheikh Sufi Tomb down to Arba Rukun Masjid. down Marwaas Masjir, to El Gaab are to AW WELIYOW ADDE (now monumet of Dhagaxtuur), all these area was largely super market and cimitery before SAID BARKHASH AND ITALIAN COLONY.

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