Mogadishu: Images from the Past

The British in conflict with Sayid Maxamed Cabdille Xasan 1902-1903

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All taken from “Black and White“, a weekly British newspaper of the period.  The Black and White ran from 1891 to its eventual incorporation with The Sphere in 1912. The newspaper employed many of the talented artists and engravers of the period to illustrate news and events and to entertain. PS: Better quality copies of these photos will be made available soon

For background read the Wikipedia entry on Sayid Mxammed Cabddille Xasan (known by the British as the “The Mad Mullah”)

“In pursuit of the mullah: The action at Lasakante”

“With the mad mullah in Somaliland”
“The mullah’s European ally- Karl Inger and his adventures. His ideas on Afric and and his appeals to England!

“Preparing for the Somali expedition. Colonel Cobbe bargaining for Camels in the Harradera district “

“Scouting in Somaliland. A reconoitring party questioning a captured goatherd”“The operations againts the mullah in Somaliland. The fight at Erogo”

“The Somaliland expedition: Watering the camels”

“With the forces in Somaliland”

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