Mogadishu: Images from the Past

Notre boutre dans la rade de Moguedouchou (voy. p.28) – Dessin de Rio, d’apres des photographies et des documents fournais par l’auteur

Posted in 1800 - 1900 by rickjdavies on 10 June, 2009

Scan1000150%50%From page 25, “Le Tour de Monde” magazine, 1885

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  1. Malaaq said, on 23 September, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    I love this one mosqa haji ali front hamar weyne old fish marked still there this mosjid I think this is the war between portgees and reer hamar the time shaikh ahmed haji

  2. Malaaq said, on 1 October, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    or when people from yemen come to hamar weyne

  3. Hisham Mohamed said, on 28 June, 2011 at 1:40 am

    Sorry, I don’t agree with Malaaq, as I know very well the Haji Ali mosque. The sea-water where the dhow is, is a very shallow water, even when the tide is high, it is still shallow for a dhow like this to sail. So, either the artist’s depiction is imaginary; or it must be near A Aweeska where there is a similar mosque which exactly looks like it.

  4. Ahmed Omar said, on 10 July, 2011 at 7:47 am

    Mr. Mohamed, Malaaq is right. Neither the mosque of A Aweeska, nor that costracted earlier on (JAMAL JAAN) matchs the picture as Haaji Ali does. If you give a second look to it, you see two men far down going into a house made trough the rocks (JAMAL), with some visible breaks. There were other similar houses in the vicinities. I was born very close to that mosque and it’s where I grew up.That see is called (ARBO XUSEENKA) and the rock (FIINTO). It was my favourite place fror swimming and jumping from the rocks . Our elders were often telling us that their uncestors lived there, No doubt,becouse there are sill the remaining of those houses,exactly under the surrounding of the mosque of Haji Ali, with visible breaks and some (DHAAQADO).
    The other side of the mosque that shows the see,today looks like it has been digged and geometricaly constracted. It may have been used for loading and unloading merchendise from the ships . You may perhaps remember the steps and the door on Arbo Xuseenka through (QULU-LUBTA) used to go down to ( MANYO NIMEEDA). That is amazing.

  5. rickjdavies said, on 10 July, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Ahmed
    Is this the area you are referring to?,+Somalia&hl=en&ll=2.030999,45.343052&spn=0.001348,0.001725&sll=-0.789275,113.921327&sspn=43.148107,56.513672&t=h&z=19
    It definitely looks constructed. I remember walking around the seaward side (bottom right) and finding the eroded remains of a circular staircase cut down into the rock, which then opened out at the sea level inside this square “harbour”

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